GhostScript 9.10 – base for eDocPrintPro from version 3.19.0 on

From the version 3.19.0 of eDocPrintPro on, only the current version 9.10 of GhostScript is used. The eDocPrintPro setup detects if the required version is already installed and if not automatically downloads GS from our FTP server and installs it. For that, an active internet connection as well as the authorization to do a FTP download is required. If this isn’t possible the GhostScript setup has to be downloaded and installed manually before.

GhostScript 9.10 setup:

Download – GhostScript 9.10 MSI Setup – 32bit (ca. 16MB) >>>
Download – GhostScript 9.10 MSI Setup – 64bit (ca.16MB) >>>