eDocPrintPro version 3.20. available

Innovations – eDocPrintPro version 3.20. :

UniCode support: The version 3.20 is an essential update, because all components got compiled with the latest versions of the C++ libraries and everything got adjusted for UniCode support. Now UniCode coded characters and strings can be used anywhere: in file names, paths, at the PDF info fields, attachements and descriptions texts. So anywhere where a input is possible.

DEVMODE update: Now any setting which can be set via UI or SDK is available via the Windows API – DEVMODE. So far it was necessary to open the user interface once and save or print with it for the parameters to be actualized and set. This correction is especially for user of the SDK interesting and necessary.

Further adjustments to GhostScript 9.10: Export of PS and EPS as well as PDF optimization for the web (linearization) got adjusted and are functioning with the version 3.20 now. With eDocPrintPro 3.20 only GhostScript 9.10 is supported. Older version can’t be used anymore. Therefor it won’t be possible in the future to choose another GhostScript version in the user interface.

Variables: %page%, %pages% and %time% and %date% – These variables didn’t get replaced and filled correctly everywhere – this error got corrected.

Download – eDocPrintPro

Download – eDocPrintPro 32 and 64bit (ca. 70MB) >>>

GhostScript 9.10 setup – see also >>>

Download – GhostScript 9.10 MSI setup – 32bit (ca. 16MB) >>>
Download – GhostScript 9.10 MSI Setup – 64bit (ca.16MB) >>>