eDocPrintPro Plugin – ExtRen – extract and rename – extract information from the PDF – attachment name, path, subject, e-mail addresses

The existing eDocPrintPro e-mail plugin can search and extract e-mail addresses and subject via configurable delimiter in the created PDF and use them for the distribution of the e-mail. What has been missing yet however was the possibility to also redefine the name of the created PDF and use it as attachment name.

The eDocPrintPro “ExtRen” plugin now offers this possibility and combines the reassigning of the file name via extracts from the PDF document with the skills of the existing e-mail plugin.


  • definition of variables for the destination file name / attachment name and path – delimiter – beginning / end, search in – first page / all pages / last page.
  • determining of name rules for the new file / attachment name via fixed (date, time, workstation name, username, origin name, counter) or free defined variables whose values get extracted from the PDF.
  • start folder if the file is only stored and not sent as attachment.
  • path configuration via variables like for the file name incl. free defined variables whose values get extracted from the PDF.
  • start value – counter
  • if destination file already exists – overwrite, append counter
  • delete document after processing – yes / no
  • all other functions see eDocPrintPro e-mail plugin.

1_After install of the plugin - a plugin set has to be to create and the plugin set has to be activated 2_To do not get the save as dialog the options shoud be changed - the file is saved without dialog 3_Here you can define the variables which should be read out from the document and which can be used to create the file- and attachment name 4_Config how the name of the file and attachment should be created 5_EMail settings - to cc and bcc can be fix configured or read out from the document 6_EMail settings - read out the email address from the document 7_EMail settings - configure the subject text label and read out the subject from the document 8_EMail settings - config the way how the email is sent out 9_Print from applicaiton to the eDocPrinter driver - information from document is read out - email message is created

Download eDocPrintPro “ExtRen” plugin >>>