EMail Archiver – FileConverterPro MS-Outlookplugin – archives and converts emails as PDF or PDF/A

The EMail Archiver is a plug-in for Microsoft Outlook 2010 / 2013 with which single or multiple marked e-mails or even whole e-mail folders and subfolder with all contained e-mail messages can be converted to PDF or PDF/A. The processing and conversion of the e-mail takes place via the FileConverterPro server which is called encrypted via https either in the local network or external over the internet. The resulting PDF(/A) is deposited in configurable start-folder in the file system. The path as well as the file names get configured and created via variables which are retrieved from the metadata of the e-mail message. Additionally the metadata can be written as a XLS table.

PDF and especially PDF/A-3 are particularly good for the archiving or ISO standardized long-term archiving of e-mails. With PDF/A-3 the original MSG / EML message and the contained attachements get embedded in the PDF container also.


  • FCpro login configuration – URL, username, password, FCpro – choose processing profile, connection test with the FCpro server, priority of the jobs.

01 EMail Archiver - Config - FileConverterPro Communication settings

  • Archives settings
    • Selection of start-folder
    • Configuration destination path through variable: (date, day, month, year, subject, from, to (all), to (first), Outlokk folder name, Outlook path, Outlook user, email-thread-ID, email-message-ID).
    • Configuration destination file name through variable: same as for the path incl. counter.
    • Set counter starting value
    • Set action after the archiving:
      • Marking over a category,
      • Moving into a choosable Outlook archives folder,
      • Deleting of the archived email with or without confirmation

    02 EMail Archiver - Archive settings - variables for folder and name 03 EMail Archiver - Config of actions after conversion and archive

  • Metadata export settings – export metadata as XLS – for any archived email a new line is inserted into the XLS.
    • Selection destination folder
    • Configuration XLS file name
    • Selection of the columns for the export based on the email variables:
      • Date, day, month, year
      • Subject
      • From
      • To (all), to (first)
      • Outlook folder name, path, user
      • Email-thread ID, email-message-ID
      • Counter
      • Amount of attachements, names of attachements
      • Destination of the archived email (PDF)

04 EMail Archiver - Config metadata export to XLS #1 05 EMail Archiver - Config metadata export to XLS #2

  • Archiving
    • One or multiple marked emails from the e-mail list – function in the context menu, or buttons in the “Start” or “Archive emails” tab.
    • Archiving of whole folder structures incl. subfolders and all containing emails out of the Outlook folder structure
    • Archiving of single emails from the mask of the currentyl opened email view.
    • Opening of the configured destination folder directly out of MS-Outlook
    • Display of the currently pending e-mails for processing / conversion / archiving – label of the e-mail, FCpro status, archive status. After the successful archiving the label changes to a link of the archived email. Via this link the created PDF can be called and viewed.

06 EMail Archiver - Start archive direct from email list 07 EMail Archiver - Archive complete foldes with all e-mails and subfolders 08 EMail Archiver - Buittons added to the MS-Outlook user interface to archive emails and folder 09 EMail Archive - Status pane shows the actual status and link to the archived email 10 EMail Archiver - A click to the link opens the PDF or the archived email 11 EMail Archiver - EMails with contaienr attachments or nested attachments are correct expanded, converted and the bookmark structure is created

Download – EMail Archiver MS-Outlook plugin for FileConverterPro >>>