FileConverterPro – test-server online

To be able to run tests without the installation of an own FileConverterPro server there is now an encrypted reachable via https test server available. Through predefined profiles the conversion with or without MS-Office and the OCR processing with iOCR or Abbyy OCR can be tested.

Predefined processing profiles:

  • Default – direct conversion without MS-Office 2010, no OCR processing of images, placeholder page gets inserted for errors or not convertible documents
  • Direct + iOCR german – direct conversion without MS-Office 2010, iOCR – german, placeholderpage.
  • MS-Office + Abbyy + PDFA – conversion through MS-Office 2010, PDF/A-1b output, Abbyy OCR german and english, placeholderpage
  • MS-Office + Abbyy – conversion through MS-Office 2010, Abbyy OCR german and english, placeholder page
  • Direct – no OCR – with draft stamp and overlay – like “Default” but with stamp on the top-left ( filename / date / time ), watermarks “Draft / Entwurf”, sample stationery gets underlayed

FCpro - Testserver - vordefinierte Verarbeitungsprofile

Most easy way to test is to install the free available FileConverterPro Windows client – “DropConvert” and to drag the documents in the DropZone for conversion.

Download – sample DOCX and resulting PDF >>>

Download – DropConvert (~1,5MB) >>>