ifresco Tools – RepoWorker scripts – convert Alfresco documents to searchable PDF or PDF/A automatically

The module ifresco Tools offers the following functions for the Alfresco ECM / DMS:

  • ifresco-RepoWorker – enables time-controlled execution of a repository-JavaScript on a definable amount of documents.
  • ifresco-ScriptAction – enables the definition of share-actions which execute Repository-JavaScript on documents.

RepoWorker – scripts integrate AutoOCR and FileConverterPro:

With the RepoWorker we created an extension for the ifresco Transformer based on scripts. With that all existing and / or newly added documents of specific content- or MIME-types of an Alfresco server are converted to searchable PDF or PDF/A documents. The user doesn’t has to be concerned with it, the conversion takes place at the server automatically, indepent of how the documents are added into the ECM / DMS.


  • time-controlled execution of JavaScript on a definable amount of documents
  • existing documents of a specific content- and MIME-type get converted to searchable PDF or PDF/A and replace the source-documents.
  • processed documents get marked with the “Transform” aspect to prevent a repeated processing.
  • singular or in definable time intervals repeated execution of scripts e.g. every 5 min
  • scripts can easily and quickly be adjusted to new conditions and requirements.
  • easy installation and configuration

Description – RepoWorker scripts for AutoOCR / FileConverterPro >>>

GitHub – RepoWorker scripts for AutoOCR / FileConverterPro >>>


  • Alfresco 4.x,
  • AutoOCR or FileConverterPro ,
  • ifresco Transformer (AMP).
  • ifresco Tools (AMP)

A demo installation can also be found on our ifresco / Alfresco testserver (admin / admin)

1_TIFF Datei in einen Alfresco Folder kopiert    2_TIFF Datei wird gefunden in ein durchsuchbares PDF konvertiert und ersetzt die Ursprungsdatei