FileConverterPro (FCpro) – version 1.0.13 – DWG / DXF, embedding of the source files as well as PDF/A-3b support

The FCpro version 1.0.13 includes the following innovations and extensions:

  • New optional converter for DWG / DXF / DWF allows to also convert CAD drawings to PDF or PDF/A.
  • DOCM and XLSM – Office formats which contain makros are supported and can be converted.
  • The source files can be embedded in the PDF as attachments.
  • The PDF/A-level 3b is supported and allows to embed the source files for long-term archiving
  • PDF export settings for document protection, opening parameters, filling out the PDF profile fields, pagination, PDF stationery – overlay / underlay, stamps and watermarks.
  • New additional HTML converter selectable – with that beside “HQ-direct” and MS-Word also “ASP-direct” as “default-selection” is available – the HTML converters are e.g. used for the e-mail converting of the e-mail body.

FileConverter Pro – online testserver >>>

Download – FileConverterPro (FCpro) ~250MB >>>