iPaper – new version 2.1.41

With the iPaper version 2.1.41 the following extensions got implemented:

  • New QuickPrint / PrintServer action for quick printouts on physical printers
  • New setup option – “Terminal server installation” sets the AutoStart function accordingly different
  • Warning note when a “concurrent” license is missing – prevents documents with a “demo” stamp
  • Parallel processing of iPaper printing jobs – documents can’t get “lost”

QuickPrint / PrintServer action

The existing AutoPrint print-action does offer a multiplicity of options and settings but on some printers it is quite slow in processing and outputting. For this reason we implemented the “QuickPrint / PrintServer” action which can be used alternatively – to do so you only have to add the new action and deactivate or remove the existing AutoPrint action. The function supports the direct local printout on a chosen printer as well as our PDF2Printer printserver. With the printserver the PDF is passed with the printing information – by which the computer is locally free again immediately because the printout runs through the Windows service or via an own central printserver. Like all other actions also QuickPrint can be controlled via XML commands.

QuickPrint & PrintServer - neue iPaper Druck Aktion  QuickPrint & PrintServer Action XLM control


Setup option – Terminal Server / AutoStart

With the new setup option “Terminal server installation” – yes / no the AutoStart behaviour of iPaper can be determined. With the installation on a terminal server the licensing occurs via concurrent use – in which a license is “consumed” per started application. Until now the AutoStart Option is generally the same for each user, therefor on the terminal server the AutoStart can’t be used if not enough licenses are available and the users which wanted to use iPaper had to start it manuelly.

Setup Option - Terminal Server Installation

The AutoStart option is now managed differently on terminal servers and normal workstations:

Terminal server:

  • AutoStart isn’t activated by default – the user has to set the option by himself so only the desired amount of licenses is consumed
  • The AutoStart setting and storing is done individually per user and not generally for each user / the whole computer
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run – Key name: TS, value = yes
  • If TS=yes is set the Registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current\Version\Run is read out and checked next if there is a path registered or not. By default nothing is inserted here and therefor iPaper doesn’t get started automatically. But if the “AutoStart” option is activated in iPaper the path for the automatic start is registered here. With that iPaper doesn’t get started automatically. Only if the user activated the “AutoStart” option individually, the path is registered and the application get started automatically with the logon.

Normal workstation:

  • If, at the setup, the terminal server option isn’t set, the setup automatically writes the path of iPaper into the Run Key of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run – iPaper.NET = <path>. With that, iPaper gets started generally for all users of the computer. The AutoStart option therefor is active by default on normal workstations.


Warning note if license is missing

Especially when using concurrent licenses on terminal servers and with the “silent” processing without user interface and without preview it has happened that more users had iPaper started than licenses were available – the user which were above this limit didn’t get an explicit hint for that and as a result a PDF document with a red “demo stamp” was created  and possibly also sent out.

Warnhinweis - keine gültige Lizenz vorhanden Demostempel wird aufgebracht falls keine gültige Lizenz vorhanden ist


Parallel processing of iPaper print jobs

Until now the whole preceding processing had to be finished before the next printing process could be started. If no attentions was paid to this it could happen that some documents were “swallowed”. iPaper as client version is in principle not concepted for a mass- or batch-processing. For this scope there is the iPaper server as Windows service with folder-monitoring. But there are also situations where it could be necessary to enable a parallel processing e.g. if an (e.g. AutoPrint) action takes longer and the user already creates the next document, no documents should be “lost”.

Now it is possible to start multiple outputs shortly after eachother without “losing” documents. iPaper gets opened parallelly and a parallel processing takes place. With that all documents which are created are also processed.

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