FileConverterPro-CL – new version 1.0.8

Innovations version 1.0.8:

  • Folder/subfolder-processing – With this all files inside the input-folder defined by the /in= parameter will be processed and stored in the output-folder defined by the /out= parameter. With the additional parameter /subfolder also subfolder-structures can be processed. Inside the output-folder the structure of the input-folder is rebuilt 1:1 exactly the same.
  • Displaying and saving of the FCpro – profiles – via /showprofile all profiles available on the FCpro server get read, saved in an ASCII file and displayed. This is to prevent false inputs when using the wanted profile-names in the command-line.
  • Error-folder – via /err= a individual error-folder can be passed. In case of an error the file is moved to this folder. If the parameter isn’t set the configured standard folder will be used.
  • Option – protocol all commandline requests – This function can be helpful with the analysis of programmatical commandline calls. With it all parameters passed via commandline will be protocolled inside the log-file
  • Option – configuration of the amount of threads for the upload to the FCpro Server – default = 5
  • Posibility to preset or spread the configuration-settings (XML file) – C:\ProgramData\FileConverterPro-CL\FCpro-CLSettings.xml

Commandline parameters:

5_FileConverterPro - Commandline Optionen - ReadMe

4_FileConverterPro-CL- Commandline Optionen  2_FileConverterPro-CL - Verbindungs Einstellungen  3_FileConverterPro-CL- Einstellungen

1_FileConverterPro-CL- Programmverknüpfungen

Download – FileConverterPro – commandline setup >>>

ReadMe – FileConverterPro – commandline 1.0.8 >>>