QiScan – Software for (book-)scanner based on NIKON / CANON digital cameras

The QiScan Software developed by us is able to digitalize books or magazines via two high resolution NIKON or CANON digital cameras plugged to a normal PC.

Every 4 to 7 seconds two high resolution pictures of both opposite sites are taken. With the Qidenus scan-robots the page-turns is done either manuelly or also fully automated.

Qidenus – www.qidenus.com – whose scan-robots we developed this software for, is an austrian startup company which distributes it’s solutions world wide. Qidenus scan-robots are operated at many famous institutions and are used to digitalize huge amounts of partially very old and valuable books and documents.


QiScan funktions overview:

  • Usage of standard hardware: PC’s as well as high resolution NIKON and CANON reflex digital cameras are the base for high-quality (book-)scanners.
  • Every 4 to 7 seconds (depends on the camera, resolution and data format) 2 images (RAW, TIFF, JPEG) are taken and passed to the PC.
  • The job-oriented processing is done through a SQL database
  • Control of the scan-processes via integration with the SPS control of the Qidenus scan-robot
  • Immediate preview of the scans in the user interface for quality check and to set the scan-area of both opposite pages
  • Extensive image processing functions for reworking of the scans
  • Export of the scans in the most important formats (TIFF, JPEG, PDF) also with OCR
  • Background batch-processing of the jobs (conversion, image-processing, OCR, export) on the same or on remote batch-computers.

Supported camera-models:

  • NIKON D800 / D810
  • CANON EOS 700D
  • CANON EOS 5D Mark II

With this project we have extensive and year-long experience in using and driving digital cameras as “color-scanners” for automated continous operations.