eDocPrintPro version 3.21.2 available

We got requests from users for having an option to completely embed all fonts which are used in the PDF. This is especially required if the PDF files are passed to a printing company or printing service provider for outputting, because some of them explicitly request that.

New PDF option – embed all fonts

PDF Option - Alle Schriften einbetten

With the version 3.21.2 there comes an new PDF option – “embed all fonts” – if this option is active, all fonts get completely embedded in the PDF. Therefor not only a “subset” of the font – so, not only the used characters – but always all characters of the used fonts get embedded, even if only one character of it is used.

This also applies for the 14 PDF standard fonts: Normally certain defined 14 PDF standard fonts are not embedded in a PDF because it was determinated, that these standard fonts – Courir (bold, italic, bold-italic), Helvetica (standard, bold, italic, bold-italic), Symbol, Times New Roman (standard, bold, italic, bold-italic), Zapf Dingbats – have to be available in a PDF-viewer application.

If this option isn’t active (standard), the 14 PDF-base-fonts don’t get embedded and of other fonts only the used parts. With that the PDF documents stay compact and small.

This option can also be saved and loaded via the ESF profile – to be found in the area <printer-name><PDF> under the name “EmbedAllFonts” – the value “0” means “off” and the value “1” means “on”. Inside the ESF this is displayed as

  • EmbedAllFonts=”L0″ or
  • EmbedAllFonts=”L1″

Download – eDocPrintPro

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