EMail Archiver for FCpro – setup and config options

By default out setup’s are delivered as EXE. But sometimes for automated installations or software-distribution a MSI is needed. This can be extracted from the EXE directly.

extract MSI from the EXE:

  • /extract <path> – extracts the MSI, included in the EXE, into the specified folder path. If the path contains spaces it has to be wrapped in quotation marks.
  • example: “C:\EMail Archiver.exe” /extract “C:\EMail Archiver” – This command-line command extracts the file “EMail Archiver.msi” into the folder “C:\EMail Archiver” – A description about this can be found here >>>

MSI Commandline parmeters: For the installation with the MSI there are 2 more parameters then. With it 2 options which are offered in the setup can be set via the command line.

  • AUTOREGISTER: 0 / 1 – parameter to request a 30 days demo license from our license-server via web-service – is activated by default (1)
  • ENABLE_ALFRESCO: 0 / 1 – parameter to activate the Alfresco export functions – is deactivated by default (0)
  • example: msiexec SETUPEXEDIR=”C:\Program Files (x86)\EMail Archiver” ENABLE_ALFRESCO=0 /i “C:\Users\testuser\Desktop\EMail Archiver PAMless.msi” /quiet

Usage of a template config file: To be able to use a config file which is adjusted as needed a template config file (XML) is used which can be accordingly customized and distributed. When starting the application the first time, the template file is used for its configuration. The configSettings.XML file can be found under: C:\ProgramData\EmailArchiver\Config

Read only of the configuration settings: To prevent configuration-settings to be changed in the configSettings.XML file there is an entry ReadOnlyConfig. If this is set to YES the configuration can’t be changed from the user interface anymore.