Email Archiver – main configuration file / setup – Command Line Options

To use a customized configuration file during installation, the Email Archiver uses a template XML config file that can be customized and distributed accordingly.

When the user starts the application for the first time so this file is taken as a template and used as the User Configuration. By default, this file is configSettings.XML under: C: \ Program Data \ Email Archiver \ Config. This path can be changed on a central network share.

If the current settings are specified as standard on all newly created user, then the function “Save as default configuration” is available.

EMail Archiver - Der Start Ordner für die Konfigurationseinstellungen kann festgelegt werden

To prevent that configuration settings are changed, there is the entry ReadOnlyConfig in the configSettings.XML file. If this is set to YES, then the configuration via the user interface cannot be changed.

In the configuration settings of the email archive from version 4.0.7 there is the possibility to specify the startup folder for the configuration settings individually. So the standard and individual user settings can also be stored centrally on a network share. If the path is changed, then all existing configuration files, the login profiles and the profiles PDFExport, copied into the newly selected folder.

The information where the path for the configuration files shows is stored locally in the path:

  • C:\ProgramData\EmailArchiver\SettingsFolderInfo.xml
  • z.b. <InfoRootSettingsFolder RootFolderPath=”\\freenas\wmay\EMailArchiver_Settings\” />

The setup of this path can be preset and transferred.

For the Email Archiver Setup are available the Command Line Parameters “RootFolder =” and “/ quiet”. “RootFolder =” specifies the startup folder of configuration settings and “/ quiet” enables “silent” installation without dialogues.

  • Example: “C:\Users\testuser\Desktop\EMail Archiver Enterprise.exe” rootfolder=”\\freenas\wmay\EMailArchiver_Settings” /quiet

Download – EMail Archiver MS-Outlook Plugin for FileConverterPro >>>

For testing you can use our  FileConverter Pro TestserverThis is already set after installing the Email Archiver.