FileConverterPro (FCpro) – Version 1.0.37 available

Innovations FCpro Version 1.0.37:

  • Processing of MS Visio diagrams VSD, VSDX both directly” without MS Office and also MS-Office 2010/2013 / 2016-32 and 64bit.

Konvertierung von MS-VISIO Diagrammen

  • E mail headerlabels are configurable and selectable via language profilesWhen converting emails information is read from the email and listed in the headerFrom, To, Cc, Bcc, Subject and attachments, – these labels are now configurable and modifiableYou can create different language profiles and select them in a processing profileso that can control the e mail headers regarding the language.

Konfiguration der Sprachprofile für die EMail Kopfzeile  Auswahl des Sprachprofils für die EMail Kopfzeile im FCpro - Verarbeitungsprofil

  • XLSB, PPTM, EMZ Image Format – Support for additional MS Office file formats. The EMZ format is a fixed format developed by Microsoft, which can be used in MS Office programs. It is not often found and likely to be classified as an exotic. The format is an EMF file that is compressed gzip. it can be created eg. with Adobe Illustrator. As it occurred at a Customer in e-mails, it has been implemented.
  • MS-Office Option – Text as Bitmap convert if a font can not be embeddedIn the PDF conversion fonts or parts (subsets) are embedded in the PDF document. However, there are fonts that may not be embedded in the PDF for licensing reasons and therefore may not be passed. With this option such fonts are converted to bitmaps, whereby fonts do not need to be embedded, the visual appearance of the document but remains.

MS-Office Option - Schrift als Bitmap speichern

  • Text label for the Web service Download configurableThe web service download the files generated (PDF, TXT, JPG, PNG, SWF) can be made by ID number. Alternativ it can also be used a “talkingand configurable text label.

Konfiguration der Label für den Download über Web-Service

  • Additional parameters in TXT conversion – Pages size, margins, font style, font size

Zusätzliche Parameter für die TXT Konvertierung

  • Immediate deletion of Jobs incl. Source file – At the web service download can be specified via a parameter that the job will be deleted immediately after downloading from FCPro Server. To ensure that no files are left on, which are outside the control of the calling system. However, if a job is not picked up” and therefore not deleted, the job data will remain for so long on the server until the set holding time has expired. After this time, the job is automatically deleted from FC per server. When the holding time is set to 0 (zero) days, so automatically all jobs are deleted an hour after the upload from FCPro Server.

Jobs werden sofort - max nach einer Stunde gelöscht

  • iFilter Support – fast and direct Text ExtractionFC Pro can not only be used to generate PDF files to, but also to gain the text information from the original documentsThis text information is required by DMS / ECM / archive systems, or from any full-text search engine, to build an index for the full-text search. When generating a PDF file with FCPro, so the text can be extracted from the PDFHowever, this process requires time and resources. Does one need only the text information, and would like that perform as quickly and efficiently, so there is a direct and very fast way.

Microsoft has built into all of its operating systems, a full-text indexing and full-text search. All Microsoft applications that require a full-text search and have built in, for example, MS Outlook, MS SQL, MS Exchange, MS SharePoint, etc. rely on this basic function of the operating system. Many file formats are supported hereHowever, the additional installation of a filter is required for some file formats. For example, is PDF filter is not automatically available this has to be installed. For PDF, there are both free iFilters Adobe and also filters from other manufacturers (PDFLib and Foxit). However, these are chargeable and have to be licensed, but also have more features and are much faster in processing as the Adobe iFilters.

Download – PDFLib TET PDF iFilter für Client Betriebssysteme >>>

Download – Demo – Foxit PDF iFilter >>>

Download – Adobe PDF iFilter 11 >>>

FC Pro has now integrated the iFilters features in version 1.0.37, and can therefore quickly extract text from all supported file formats. There is also the option of creating a FCPro processing profile that extracts the text only with iFilters without performing a PDF conversion.

Indexierung und ifilter Konfiguration#1  Indexierung und ifilter Konfiguration#2Text Extraktion über iFilter

 Download – FileConverterPro (FCpro) ~250MB >>>