AutoOCR Version 1.11.1 available

Innovations Version 1.11.1:

  • Update to the latest versions of our base components
  • get the date and time of the original file – A rather unique feature of AutoOCR is the ability to search an existing folder structure by e.g. PDF files which have not been OCR and to replace the existing PDF file with a searchable PDF file 1: 1It may be important and desirable that the 3 date / time information Created / Modified / Last Accessed remain in the original file and are not replaced by the date / time information of processing AutoOCR. If this option is active, the original date and time information remains.

Option um die Datums und Uhrzeit der Urspungsdatei zu erhalten

Download – AutoOCR – OCR Server incl. iOCR Engine (ca. 150MB) >>>

For the Abbyy OCR Engine Version 10 Demo licenses are available for 30 days or 500 pages this can be requested from us

Download – Abbyy FineReader 10.x Rel 4 OCR Engine Setup (ca. 460MB) >>>