PDFExport settings- Standalone Editor available

In some applications, we use a common component in order to perform specific post-processing with PDF documents. All these settings have previously been stored in a * .GFI profile file. But there are, in addition to the settings, external PDF, DOCX, TOC files that are used for PDFExport function. Therefore, we have implemented a new * .GFIX (ZIP) data format. It summarizes all the related files in a Profile file GFIX. So, all settings can easily be exchanged between different applications and computers.

Where we use the PDF export component (eg. FileConverterPro, EMail Archiver) there is the possibility to ex- or import such GFIX profile data.

In order to edit or create PDF export settings independently on each workplace, there is now a free PDFExport Standalone Editor. This can create GPX files, import and export, regardless of the application in which the GFIX Profile file is then used .

PDFExport features:

GFIX Profile

  • create new,
  • copy,
  • rename,
  • delete,
  • import, export,
  • collect Description Text
  • Ausfüllen der PDF Info Felder

1_PDFExport Einstellungen - Allgemeine Info

  • document representationOpen Mode

2_PDFExport Einstellungen - Benutzerdefinierte Variablen

  • PDF Passwors set (open, system)

3_PDFExport Einstellungen - Öffnen Modus

  • PDF function restrictions

4_PDFExport Einstellungen - PDF Sicherheits Einstellungen

  • page numbering

5_PDFExport Einstellungen - Seiten Nummerierung

  • Stationery function– PDF underlay / overlay

6_PDFExport Einstellungen - PDF Briefpapier überlagern bzw hinterlegen

  • numbered bookmarks

7_PDFExport Einstellungen - PDF Lesezeichen Nummerieren

  • cover sheet – create and insert with stationery

8_PDFExport Einstellungen - Deckblatt erzeugen, bearbeiten, Briefpapier hinterlegen

  • Table of Contents generate from the bookmarks, incl. Editor and stationery

9_PDFExport Einstellungen - Inhaltsverzeichnis aus den PDF Lesezeichen erzeigen

  • define and apply watermark and stamp

10_PDFExport Einstellungen - Text-Stempel - Text-Wasserzeichen aufbringen

Download – PDFExport Einstellungen Standalone Editor >>>
Download – PDFExport Einstellungen GFIX Beispiel >>>