iPaper – Start takes a long time – no internet connection

For security reasons all our Setup’s and applications are using a SHA-256 “Code Sign Certificate” signed by Symantec However, there are installations in which the e.g. (Citrix) terminal server also for safety reasons has no connection to the Internet. If now called a signed application, the validity of the signature is checked and this may require an Internet connection. Where there is no Internet connection, so the startup can take a long time, because first a “timeout” expires before the application starts.

In order to enable in this case a quick startup, the verification of the signature can be disabled. Given the configuration file named ipaper.UI.exe.config must be copied into the iPaper program path C: \ Program Files (x86) \ iPaper.NET.

Download – ipaper.UI.exe.config >>>


  • When a document or a program is digitally signed, or the root certificates are not actual, so Windows tries to execute a signature validation on the Internet. If no Internet connection available, this process runs in a time-out and will be continued only after some time. This application seems inactive, or need very long to start.
  • This configuration file should not be used when an Internet connection is available
  • The file tells MS-Windows to make no signature verification on the Internet