PDFmdx – Version 2.4.3 – Barcode recognition and improved anchor / search field function

Innovations Version 2.4.3:

Field-Typ – Barcode: With the new field type barcode, it is now also possible to define fields (areas) as type “barcode”. From the specified range will not be read the text, but carried out a 1D barcode recognition by the selected bar code type and the recognized value is returned.

1_Felder können als Typ Barcode angelegt werden  2_Barcode Typ auswählen  3_Barcodes werden in dem Feldbereich erkannt und als Text ausgegeben

Improved anchor / search field function:  Fields can be set in relation to an “anchor / search box” field. The anchor field can be searched on the page through a text or substring search text. If the term is found, the other fields are read in relation to this field. So, for example, can be found and read  “total amount and all the related fields  net, VAT, gross. This feature is important for the processing of scanned documents, because it is not guaranteed by the scan that the readout fields are always in the same position. Also barcode fields can be set and read relative to anchor fields.

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