FileConverterPro (FCpro) – Version 1.0.43 available

Innovations FCpro Version 1.0.43:

  • Updating of the basic components for the direct conversion and IOCR.
  • Separating the PDFExport setting profiles of the FCPro processing profiles. These can now independently managed and assigned to a FCPro profile. Features: Enable, Disable, and mapping via list selection.
  • New GFIX extension instead GFI for PDFExport profiles. The GFIX file is a ZIP container that contains beside the GFI-XML file with the settings, now all the files associated with the profile (PDF, DOCX, TOC).
  • In addition to the name can be specified a descriptive text for the PDFExport profiles.
  • Export / import of PDF export profiles as GFIX files with all related files.

1_Die PDFExport Profile können mit allen zusammenhängenden Dateien als GFIX Dateien exportiert und wieder importiert werden

  • Export and import of FCPro profiles via FCPX files (ZIP container with XML and GFIX files) to exchange and update the profiles between different FCPro servers.

3_FCPro Verarbeitungsprofile können als FCPROX Dateien inkl aller damit verbundenen Dateiein exporttiert und importiert werden

  • Webservice functions (SOAP / REST) for the management of FCPro processing profiles and the PDFExport profiles (list profiles, delete, export, import).
  • Updated .NET / C # Client Example – Expanded to include the management and export / import of FCPro profiles and PDFExport settings.

5_Neue Web-Service Funktionen um die FCPro Verarbeitungsprofile und die PDFExport Profile verwalten zu können

  • With Smart OCR processing the existing links in the PDF are preserved.
  • MS Publisher (PUB) is supported by the MS-Office conversion and must be installed on the computer.
  • Conversion complete XLS folders (directly or through MS-Office)
  • Convert OpenOffice documents (e.g .: ODT) via MS Office or direct (but not directly by OpenOffice)
  • The PDF bookmarks text for e-mail message and Internet headers are configurable and can be managed through the language profiles.

4_Erweiterung der Sprachprofile für Lesezeischen der EMail Nachrichten

  • The bookmark for the e mail attachments are now inserted hierarchically below the bookmarks for the email message and not at the same level.
  • Option: Insert Internet headers to the message, or at the end of the converted email.
  • Function: display all available iFilters on the computer for Text Extraction.

2_Alle auf dem Rechner installierten iFilter können aufgelistet werden

  • DWG Converter that is called via command line, there is a timeout option – default on 30sec. adjusted. This helps stuck DWG2PDF processes, according to the set time-out, are automatically removed from memoryn. In the past, several of stopped DWG Converter processes could utilize the FCPro server 100%.

6_Zeitlimit für die DWG nach PDF Konvertierung

  • Separate licensing option for FCPro options base, plus OCR and plus PDF/A
  • Custom separate setup for the OCR componentThe setup checks during the installation if IOCR is already installed. If no, it is reloaded and installed via FTP. The FCPro setup becomes smaller. IOCR can be used by multiple applications and must be installed only once. Likewise IOCR updates are therefore easier and the installation of additional languages is therefore possible.

Download – FileConverterPro (FCpro) ~190MB >>>