FileConverterPro (FCpro) – Version 1.0.46 available

Innovations FCpro Version 1.0.46:

  • MS Office Documents – disable macros: MS Office documents with extensions – .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsm, PPT, PPTM – may contain macros. Especially if such documents come from external sources, it is possible that malware code is contained in the documents. A good way to prevent such documents are spreading further and causing damage is the conversion to PDF. In the “direct conversion” the macros contained in the documents were also previously ignored.

FCpro - Option um die Makros bei der MS-Office Konvertierung zu deaktivieren

  • Export and import of all / selected profiles in a * .fcprox file: Previously profiles could only individually exported or imported. With the current version, it is now also possible to export all or all selected profiles at once in a single FCPro file or import from this again. In order for the Batch Conversion Settings / Profiles can be exchanged easily and update between multiple FCPro servers.
  • If multiple profiles are downloaded simultaneously via web service interface, a list of names must be passed separately with comma or semicolon via the parameter “profile name”. e.g. “Default, Profile 1” If several profiles uploaded at once so the “profile name” parameter must remain empty. In this case, the FCPro Server first extracted the ZIP (extension FCPro) where more fcprox files are again included.
  • fcprox files are ZIP files, which themselves can contain multiple files fcprox as container again. In this way, we can pack either one or multiple profiles in a single file fcprox.

FCpro - Expoprt aller ausgewählten Verarbeitungsprofile in eine einzige fcprox Datei

  • Profile update with confirmation: In profile import any or all profiles can be updated after confirmation.

FCpro - Bestätigung beim Import der Profile

  • Context Menu for the processing and PDF export profiles

FCpro - Kontext Menü für die Verarbeitungsprofile  FCpro - Kontext Menu für die PDFExport Profile

  • Webservice (SOAP, REST) functions for processing and PDF export profilesProfile management can now also be done via SOAP / REST Web services. Retrieving Available FCPro profiles, profile upload / download, delete profiles

FCpro - REST Web-Services for Processing and pdfexport profile management

So far, the PDF export profiles – * .gfi profile data – could only be changed via a processing profile. Now it is also possible to override this setting via WebService. Per job another PDF export profile can be selected or the following PDFExport processing can be disabled.

FCpro - REST Web-Service - übersteuern der vorausgewählten PDFExport Einstellungen

  • Example project incl. Source code has been brought up to date and includes the newly added functions for management of the profiles as well as for the selection of PDFExport settings regardless of the processing profile. It is also possible to export or import all profiles at once.

Export & Import - all profiles

Download – FileConverterPro (FCpro) ~190MB >>>