eDocPrintPro – PDF / A version 3.24.7 – contains ZUGFeRD format

So far for PDF/A and ZUGFeRD two different products have been offered. With version 3.24.7 eDocPrintPro PDF/A printer driver both products have been combined into one.

The great advantage consequently possible to use all standard eDocPrintPro plugins for ZUGFeRD format.

Each of the available formats PDF/A-1b, PDF/A-3b and ZUGFeRD can be individually licensed and activated. The setup creates a printer named “eDocPrintPro”. Any additional virtual printers can always be created with different names over an installed tool. Here other default settings are possible for each of these virtual printers.

eDocPrintPro PDFA version enthält jetzt auch das ZUGFeRD Format  eDocPrintPro PDFA - alle 3 Formatoptionen können unabhängig voneinender lizensiert und freigeschaltet werden

Download – eDocPrintPro PDF/A & ZUGFeRD

Download – eDocPrintPro PDF/A & ZUGFeRD 32 und 64bit (ca. 63 MB) >>>

GhostScript 9.18.1 Setup

Download – GhostScript 9.18.1 MSI Setup – 32bit (ca. 16MB) >>>
Download – GhostScript 9.18.1 MSI Setup – 64bit (ca.16MB) >>>