FileConverterPro (FCpro) – Version 1.0.50 available

Innovations FCpro Version 1.0.50:

FCpro – Profilmanager:

With FCPro, the conversion parameters are managed via profiles. If several FCpro servers are operated, it is useful and necessary to keep the processing profiles of all FCpro systems synchronized. Up to now, this was only possible via a manual export / transfer and import of the profile files. With the version 1.50.0 there is now a separate FCpro profile manager which makes the adjustment between the servers much easier.

FCpro - Profil Manager - Remote Profil Verwaltung und Synchronisation  FCpro Profiverwaltung - Export und Import der Verarbeitungs und PDFExport Profile


  • Connection to the FC per server (description, URL, Username, Password, version info, main server – Yes / No, test the connection)
  • An FCPro server is set as master / main server, from which all profiles are replicated to the other servers.
  • Communication with the FCpro servers takes place via SOAP Web Services (http / https)
  • Retrieve FCpro server info and server statistics
  • Remote administration of processing and PDF export profiles (Export, Import – Selective or All)
  • Synchronization from the main server to all FCpro servers. (Processing and PDF export profiles)

Updating of all basic components up to date

Update of the .NET Runtime from version 3.5 to version 4.0:

  • Better performance than .NET 2.0 or 3.5
  • Reduced installation scope. Only 40 MB instead of 250 MB version 3.5 are downloaded and installed.
  • .NET 4.0 is already preinstalled / activated on the newer versions of Microsoft OS (Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Server 2012,) and therefore does not have to be activated manually via the control panel like version 3.5. However, the minimum requirement is Windows 7 SP1. Windows XP and Server 2003 are no longer supported by .NET 4.0.
  • The FCpro setup checks whether .NET 4.0 is installed on the computer during installation. If not, .NET 4.0 is downloaded and installed over the Internet.

Download – FileConverterPro (FCpro) ~190MB >>>