eDocPrintPro Tools – Version 3.24.8 available

Innovations eDocPrintPro Tools Version 3.24.8:

The tools eDocPrintProUtil.exe and ApplyEsf.exe have been modified. The file extensions for eDocPrintPro profile files have changed in an eDocPrintPro predecessor version from ESF to ESFX, which means that an adaptation was required. With the new tools, ESFX profiles can now be loaded interactively or loaded and activated via command line parameters.

The parameters / LOAD and / APPLY have been added to ApplyEsf.exe. With / LOAD the profile is only selected, but not loaded, while / APPLY selects the profile and loads it at the same time.

  • eDocPrintProUtil.exe Command line example to create 2 additional printers, load and activate an ESFX profile, and lock the user interface of the printer.

Beispiel für eDocPrintProUtil Anwendung

  • ApplyEsf.exeExample to load and activate ESFX profiles:

ApplyEsf.exe - Beispiel um Profile zu laden und zu aktivieren


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