PDFmdx Version 3.2.5 available

Innovations PDFmdx Version 3.2.5:

  • New option for sending HTML emails – So far it was only possible to use external links, which were also available for the recipient, for pictures in the message. Now the images are embedded directly into the HTML message – either “all images” or “only the local images”. This means that no external resources accessible to all receivers need to be used.

HTML Body - Referenzierte Bilder werden im EMail eingebettet verschickt

  • If the option to preserve the creation date / time is activated, then this information is now also transferred from the output file for files or subfiles that are moved to the error folder.
  • The% COUNTER% variable now supports values> 9999
  • If the “Delete Blank Pages” function is active and a document is processed with only one blank page, it now correctly lands in the error folder and not in the destination folder.

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