AutoOCR Version 1.16.1 – New Option – Delayed Start of the Processing

An option was implemented in version 1.16.1, which made it possible to start the processing per monitored folder with a delay. This option is needed especially for multifunction devices which scan or copy a PDF or an image file directly into an AutoOCR monitored folder.

Certain multifunction devices create a file with 0-Byte, right at the start of a scan process, and either ‘fill’ it step by step with data or collect the scans locally on the device, to copy the finished complete file into the destination directory in the end. This process can take, depending on data volume, number of pages or speed of the data connection, between a few seconds and up to ten or more minutes.

So far, if the start delay is not activated (parameter = 0), AutoOCR starts the processing right away, when a file is created. If the file is not completely created or it is not ready for the processing, it will, within short intervals and with every access or process trial by AutoOCR, result in an error message in the log or in an error email. It can also lead to internal crashes of the OCR processing, which in turn triggers error messages, processing repeats and moves the input file to the error folder.

With this parameter it is possible to configure per folder, by how many seconds (0 to 999) the start of the processing should be delayed. A value has to be found, which complies with the requirements.

Download – AutoOCR – OCR Server (ca. 140MB) >>>