iPaper 3.x – Actions – Product video available

iPaper can further process the generated document with a PDF letterhead using “Actions”. There are various actions available.

Available iPaper actions:

  • Insert attachments,
  • AutoPrint – printout on a physical printer,
  • Insert backsides,
  • EMail,
  • Insert / add PDF at beginning / end,
  • Fill in PDF info fields,
  • Call external application via command line with parameter,
  • Save as,
  • PDF encryption / document protection,
  • PDF signature / timestamp,

Actions can also be inserted and configured several times in succession in the action list. All active actions are performed in the order specified.

This iPaper 3.x product video shows how actions can be inserted, configured and used in the action list:

iPaper 3.x Client Version

GhostScript 9.21 Setup