PDF2Printer – Version 2.0.5 available

The PDF2Printer version 2.0.5 has implemented a new, much faster and more efficient PDF printing method. Previously, the PDF documents for printing were first converted to a graphics file with the resolution of the printer. However, the printer had a high resolution, eg. 600dpi or more, so large print data was generated, consumed many resources and a printout with many pages took a correspondingly long time.

Innovations PDF2Printer Version 2.0.5:

  • New direct PDF print output without PDF to Image conversion.
  • Much faster print output with fewer resources, especially on many pages and high printer resolution.
  • Alternative: PDF image print with adjustable resolution – standard: 300dpi.
  • PDF image printing also offers scaled print output and automatic page orientation.
  • Configurable timeout for printing – default – 120sec.


Download – PDF2Printer –  Service to print PDFs automatically >>>