PDFCompressor – compresses PDF files unbelievable – less is not possible anymore ….

PDF is a document format that can contain a wide variety of elements – text, fonts, images, etc. During the creation and processing of PDF files, it can happen that the generated PDFs contain unnecessary elements or elements exist multiple times.

PDF offers some significant advantages over the previously used image formats TIFF and JPEG and is therefore increasingly being used in the business sector as a standard data format for images and document scans.

Especially in this area of application errors can already occur during the creation, whereby PDF files are generated, which are often much too large, if eg. too high a scan resolution or not the most suitable compression was configured. Also, it may be that first a higher resolution for z.b. OCR processing is required, but after the OCR processing for archiving, distribution or presentation on the screen a lower resolution and thus smaller file size would be sufficient.

It may make sense to unify all PDF files in the company in terms of compression and resolution in order to obtain a uniform standard for all received, processed and archived PDF documents, regardless of where the PDF files came from.

One of the main features of the PDFCompressor component, in addition to the reduction of the resolution, is that PDFs can be created with the latest and best compression methods – JPEG-2000 and JBIG-2 which are not supported by most PDF applications.

Features PDFCompressor:

  • Compresses existing PDF files many times depending on the initial situation and settings.
  • All settings can be managed via profiles (XML files) – Profile: New, Copy, Change Name, Delete, Export, Import
  • Parallel processing with configurable number of processes.
  • Removed – unused pages, unused names, invalid bookmarks, invalid links, etc.
  • ZIP compression of all PDF resources.
  • Optimizing the color depth of images.
  • Image Compression Change – Color, Grayscale, Black & White – LZW, RLE, JPEG, ZIP, JPEG-2000, TIFF Gr.4, JBIG-2.
  • Reduce images – Convert images to new target resolution separately for color, grayscale, black & white configurable.
  • Many setting options for JPEG, JPEG-2000, JBIG-2 compression
  • Lossless and lossy compression on JPEG-2000 and JBIG-2 configurable


The PDFCompressor will be available in the product variants – as FM Folder Monitoring, CL Command Line, Web Service and as an eDocPrintPro Plugin. Likewise, the PDFCompressor will soon be integrated into our products AutoOCR, FileConverterPro, PDFmdx as well as iPaper Client or Server.

Download – PDFCompressor Test & Beispielanwendung >>>