iPaper Client 3.x – .NET Interface – Control iPaper functions from own applications

With version 3.x of iPaper, there is now also the possibility via a .NET interface to query and set different functions and settings of the iPaper client from own applications. In order to illustrate the available functions or to be able to test, a C # sample project including source code and executable application is available.

Externally controllable functions:

  • Start / stop iPaper processing
  • Display of available stationery
  • Selection of (standard) stationery
  • DropZone – show / hide
  • Request options during processing – yes / no
  • Activate Queue – Yes / No
  • Show Queue
  • Display configured actions as a list, activate / deactivate actions from the list.
  • Export / Import Settings

Download – iPaper Client 3.x – .NET Interface – C# Sampleproject >>>