PDFPrint Service CS – Windows service with REST / SOAP Web-Service interface – Prints PDF’s via HTTP / HTTPS

Based on the PDFPrint component, PDFPrint Service CS is now also available. It is installed as a MS-Windows service, offers a REST / SOAP Web-Service interface and makes it possible to print PDF files via HTTP / HTTPS communication on another computer.

Together with the main application, C# sample projects for SOAP and REST including source code and executable applications are installed. With the help of these examples, all functions provided by the PDFPrint Service CS can be tested and quickly integrated into your own applications.

In addition to this PDFPrint Service CS version, PDFPrint FM (Folder Monitoring), PDFPrint CL (Commandline) and a PDFPrint eDocPrintPro Plugin are also available.

Functions PDFPrint Service CS:

  • MS-Windows service
  • REST and SOAP – Web-Service interface, compatible with all our other web service applications, such as: FileConverterPro (FCpro) or AutoOCR.
  • Multithreading / parallele processing ensures high processing throughput
  • Enables PDF’s to print remotely via HTTP/HTTPS on another computer.
  • Selection of the printer and the print parameters via profiles stored on the server.
  • Supports the PDF2Printer print server.
  • All settings are managed via profiles (XML files) on the server – Profile: New, Copy, Change Name, Delete, Export, Import.
  • Print based on the PDF elements – for fast and resource-saving output or as an image file rendered from the PDF.
  • Selection of available printers by name or using the default printer.
  • Adjustable max. resolution and max. memory for the rendered image file.
  • Adjustable timing for printing.
  • Specification of the numer of copies.
  • Print Mode: Fit to Page, Original, Reduce.
  • Scale print output – in % – when output as an image file.
  • Orientation – Portrait, Landscape or Automatic – when output as an image file.


Download – PDFPrint Service CS – Prints PDF’s via HTTP / HTTPS >>>