Month: January 2019

eDocPrintPro free / PDF/A & ZUGFeRD Version 3.28.3 available

Innovations eDocPrintPro Version 3.28.3:

  • New plugin INI parameter – “Temporary=yes” – if this parameter is set in the INI file of a plugin, the PDF file will be created first in the %TEMP% folder. Then all plugins are processed and only then the PDF file is moved to the configured or selected target folder. This prevents the PDF file from immediately appearing in the destination folder, the processing with the plugins happening in the destination folder, and the user or another program already opening or locking the PDF file before the plugin processing has been completed.
  • Selected ESFX – profile will be loaded immediately – Previously the ESFX profile hat to be selected and then the “Load” button had to be pressed so that the settings were read in and adopted. Now it is sufficient to select another profile from the list to load and activate the settings. The “Load” button has been removed.

Download – eDocPrintPro free Version

Download – eDocPrintPro PDF/A & ZUGFeRD

GhostScript 9.26 Setup

eDocPrintPro – Toolbox – Documentation of the tools installed with eDocPrintPro

Together with the eDocPrintPro printer driver, the applications eDocPrintPro Tool, Manage Settings and ApplyESF are installed as well.

The eDocPrintPro Tool is available both as a bootable application with user interface and as a command line application. This allows you to create additional printers with different names. In addition, ESFX profiles can be loaded and the user interface of the printer locked.

ApplyESF is a command line application with which the targeted ESFX profiles can be loaded and applied to the printer. This can be particularly useful to select a different settings profile, if the user interface is locked.

With Manage Settings, the default settings of the eDocPrintPro can be configured or settings can be set as unchangeable.

Download – eDocPrintPro Toolbox – ReadMe – German / English >>>

eDocPrintPro – PDFCompressor Plugin – reduces and optimizes PDF’s

Based on the PDFCompressor .NET Component, an eDocPrintPro PDFCompressor plugin is now available. This additionally compresses, reduces and optimizes the PDF files generated by the eDocPrintPro printer driver.

In addition to the eDocPrintPro plugin, the PDFCompressor is also available in the following product versions: Folder Monitoring (FM), Commandline (CL), and as Compressor Web-Service (CS).

Download – eDocPrintPro Plugin PDFCompressor –  Optimizes and compresses PDF’s >>>

PDF2Printer – Version 2.0.11 available

Innovations PDF2Printer Version 2.0.11:

  • Based on the latest PDFPrint Component 1.0.3
  • New additional “Advanced” printing method
  • Number of copies can be controlled via the PCF file. Multiple copies are no longer printed multiple times, but sent directly to the printer together with the required number of printouts as a single job.
  • Paper feed presettable, or it can also be overriden by PCF file individually for the PDF file to be printed.
  • The PCF control file has been extended with parameters for the number of copies and paper feed controls.

PCF print control file:

  • Triggers the start of the printout.
  • PCF file contains separated with tab: path of the PDF to be printed, name of the printer, paper tray (ID of the tray and name of the tray separated by “:”), number of copies.
  • PDF2Printer creates the file “printers.pnames“. In this file, the names of the available printers as well as the ID’s and name of the paper trays are to be found.


Download – PDF2Printer –  Service to print PDF’s automatically >>>

PDFPrint .NET Component Version 1.0.3 with new features

The PDFPrint .NET component is used to print PDF’s, without having Adobe Reader installed. PDFPrint is available in the product variants – FM- Folder Monitoring, CL – Commandline, CS – Web-Service and eDocPrintPro Plugin.

New features of version 1.0.3:

  • Paper feed selectable (for direct printing as well as for the PDF2Printer print server)
  • Number of copies adjustable (for direct printing as well as for the PDF2Printer print server). Multiple copies are no longer printed multiple times, but sent directly to the printer together with the required number of printouts as a single job.
  • New additional  “Advanced” printing method which supports all functions including an interactive print preview.
  • Interactive print preview with the ability to subsequently and interactively change the parameters – Printer, Printer Settings, Number of Copies, Sorting, Page Range (All, Current, From/To), Page Size (Adjust, Actual Size, Scale), Orientation (Auto., High, Cross), Paper Source, Print to File (Select Destination).


Download – PDFPrint –  Prints PDF’s >>>

PDF2PDFA .NET Converter Component – Version 1.1.0

Conversion to PDF/A-1a, 2a, 3a:

As of version 1.1.0, PDF files can now also be converted to PDF/A-1a, 2a and 3a. It should be noted, however, that not every PDF file can be converted and that an automatic conversion is only possible or only meaningful if the input file already contains the required structure information / tags. For example a PDF file can be created from MS-Word via the “Save as / PDF” function which already contains this required additional structure.


ZUGFeRD – Level configurable:

The ZUGFeRD standard supports 3 different levels – BASIC, COMFORT and EXTENDED. There is now a parameter that can be used to specify which level corresponds to the XML to be embedded. This information is then also transferred to the PDF metadata.


Download – Demo & Test application – PDF2PDFA Converter >>>