eDocPrintPro – Toolbox – Documentation of the tools installed with eDocPrintPro

Together with the eDocPrintPro printer driver, the applications eDocPrintPro Tool, Manage Settings and ApplyESF are installed as well.

The eDocPrintPro Tool is available both as a bootable application with user interface and as a command line application. This allows you to create additional printers with different names. In addition, ESFX profiles can be loaded and the user interface of the printer locked.

ApplyESF is a command line application with which the targeted ESFX profiles can be loaded and applied to the printer. This can be particularly useful to select a different settings profile, if the user interface is locked.

With Manage Settings, the default settings of the eDocPrintPro can be configured or settings can be set as unchangeable.

Download – eDocPrintPro Toolbox – ReadMe – German >>>
Download – eDocPrintPro Toolbox – ReadMe – English >>>