PDFMerge Client for FileConverterPro (FCpro) – Version 2.0.6 available

Innovations PDFMerge for FCpro:

.NET / VB COM – Programming interface with example applications in source code and as executable example application.

PDFMerge interface functions:

  • PDFExport Settings (GFI) – Select folder / List GFI profiles / Select GFI profile
  • Folder for table of content profiles selectable
  • Select and load PMTX template
  • Load/display PDF/document structure (PMTX) as tree
  • Add a new document to the tree structure
  • List/select FCpro conversion profile
  • Select destination filename/folder for the PDF total file
  • Merge = convert and create the PDF total file from the PMTX / tree structure


New Commandline-Option: /gfi=<none> or /gfi=<keine> to avoid applying a PDFExport profile.

Requires FCpro version 1.0.83 or higher.

Download – PDFMerge Client for FileConverterPro (FCpro) >>>