PDFPrint-CL – CommandLine – version 1.2.4 available

The PDFPrint-CL version 1.2.4 is now based on the current PDFPrint .NET component.

The following new extensions are also available for the PDFPrint CommandLine version:

  • New additional „Advanced“ printing method
  • Interactive print preview
  • Paper source selectable
  • Number of copies adjustable


PDFPrint-CL requires the .NET Runtime 4.6 as of version 1.2.4. The setup checks if this version is present and if not it will automatically be downloaded and installed from the internet during the installation process. .NET 4.6 Runtime is already available with Windows 10.

Download – PDFPrint-CL –  Print PDF files >>>
Download – Readme / Help – PDFPrint-CL >>>