Month: March 2019

FileConverterPro 1.0.84 – Conditions for OCR processing

OCR processing is a compute-intensive and time-consuming process. Previously OCR processing could be controlled by profiles – used or not used – but if OCR processing was enabled, all image formats supported by the OCR engine (JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF) were generally OCR processed.

With the FCpro version 1.0.84 there is now the possibility to specify criteria for the OCR processing in order to subject only certain criteria defined image files to an OCR recognition. If the criteria are fulfilled then no OCR processing takes place and the files are converted directly into an image PDF. For multi-page documents, the criteria are checked on the first page. Planned are additional criteria for the file size (in kB), the color depth (black and white, grayscale, color), as well as the option to set the criteria per file format individually.


  • File format – TIFF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, PDF – OCR – yes / no
  • Number of pages – smaller / equal / larger
  • Page format – width / height in mm or pixels – smaller / equal / larger
  • Resolution – dpi – less / equal / greater

Download – FileConverterPro (FCpro) (~300MB) >>>

DropPrint – Print PDF’s automatically via DropZone and monitored folders

DropPrint is an executable MS-Windows printing application that can be started automatically. DropPrint makes it possible to print several PDF documents at once directly via Drag&Drop or via a monitored folder to printers – locally or via network.  DropPrint is based on our PDFPrint – C#/.NET Component and does not require any additional application such as Adobe Reader, etc.

Functions DropPrint:

  • Executable MS-Windows application with autostart function
  • Automatic print of single or multiple PDF’s
  • Printout by dragging the PDF’s onto a Drag&Drop and/or
  • Printout by monitoring a folder / folder structure
  • Print profiles – New, Copy, Change Name, Delete, Import, Export – allow easy and quick change of printer settings (printer, tray, copies…)
  • Print profile can be displayed before printing to change settings
  • Optional print preview with possibility to change the parameters (printer, settings, copies, page area, page size, orientation, paper feed)


Download – DropPrint >>>

FCpro Explorer Extension (EE) – convert documents to PDF(/A) via context menu in MS-Windows Explorer / create complete file / insert as email attachment

The FileConverterPro (FCpro) provides a central service for converting many document formats into PDF or PDF/A via its web service interface. The FCpro Explorer Extension (FCpro EE) is a free Windows client application available for the FCpro converter. The FCpro EE integrates MS-Windows clients, via the context menu in Windows Explorer, with the FCpro PDF conversion service and enables easy and direct PDF(/A) conversion for a variety of documents and container formats.

Functions FCpro Explorer Extension (FCpro EE):

  • Free MS-Windows client application available for the FCpro.
  • PDF or PDF/A – conversion is provided via the file context menu in Windows Explorer.
  • Documents can be converted individually or merged into a PDF total file.
  • Pre-editable bookmarks are added to the individual files in the overall PDF file.
  • The order of the individual files in the PDF total file can be set/changed interactively.
  • The PDF’s can either be stored in a specified output folder or in the same folder as the source file.
  • As an alternative to filing in the file system, the PDF’s can also be inserted directly as an attachment in a new email message.
  • Settings can be managed via profiles.
  • Logging the actions



Download – FCpro Explorer Extension (FCpro EE) >>>
Download – FileConverterPro (FCpro) ~150MB >>>