FCpro Explorer Extension (EE) – convert documents to PDF(/A) via context menu in MS-Windows Explorer / create complete file / insert as email attachment

The FileConverterPro (FCpro) provides a central service for converting many document formats into PDF or PDF/A via its web service interface. The FCpro Explorer Extension (FCpro EE) is a free Windows client application available for the FCpro converter. The FCpro EE integrates MS-Windows clients, via the context menu in Windows Explorer, with the FCpro PDF conversion service and enables easy and direct PDF(/A) conversion for a variety of documents and container formats.

Functions FCpro Explorer Extension (FCpro EE):

  • Free MS-Windows client application available for the FCpro.
  • PDF or PDF/A – conversion is provided via the file context menu in Windows Explorer.
  • Documents can be converted individually or merged into a PDF total file.
  • Pre-editable bookmarks are added to the individual files in the overall PDF file.
  • The order of the individual files in the PDF total file can be set/changed interactively.
  • The PDF’s can either be stored in a specified output folder or in the same folder as the source file.
  • As an alternative to filing in the file system, the PDF’s can also be inserted directly as an attachment in a new email message.
  • Settings can be managed via profiles.
  • Logging the actions



Download – FCpro Explorer Extension (FCpro EE) >>>
Download – FileConverterPro (FCpro) ~150MB >>>