ZFMerge – Combine ZUGFeRD PDF and other PDF’s into a total ZUGFeRD PDF

ZUGFeRD is a recognized and increasingly used standard for electronic invoices.

If, for example, a ZUGFeRD compliant invoice with embedded XML is generated from an ERP system, it may be necessary, depending on the customer, to attach further documents (for example: a performance report) that were not created via the ERP system. So a new ZUGFeRD compliant PDF has to be created (merged) containing the XML of the original invoice and all other documents.

ZFMerge – Features:

  • Generates complete ZUGFeRD compliant PDF/A-3b files.
  • The source file already contains a ZUGFeRD XML. The ZUGFeRD level and profiles are adopted.
  • More PDF files can be selected and added, the order can be adjusted.
  • Path / name of the new ZUGFeRD file is selected.
  • ZUGFeRD or PDF/A-3b compliant PDF is generated even if the source files do not conform to the PDF/A standard.

Download – ZFMerge Test Application >>>