HTML2PDF-CL – command line application – generates a total PDF from several HTML/PDF files

HTML2PDF-CL (HTML to PDF) is a command line application to convert HTML to PDF. But also several HTML files can be converted at once and merged, sorted by name, into a total PDF file. Existing PDF files can also be used as input files, alone or mixed with HTML files. In order to be able to jump to the documents in the total PDF file, a bookmark is added to the total PDF file for each individual file.

Features HTML2PDF-CL:

  • Command line application to convert HTML to PDF.
  • Several HTML as well as PDF can be combined to a total PDF file.
  • Processes ZIP, CHTML, CHTM container files or via file and folder specification.
  • CHTML, CHTM – are ZIP files which summarize all required files (HTML, external images, PDF) in a single container file.
  • The sorting takes place via the name of the input files (HTML, PDF) or via a TXT file.
  • Control of the conversion parameters (page size, margins …) via profiles.
  • Profile management and configuration takes place via a user interface.
  • Merge / Single file processing – Yes / No.
  • Subfolder Processing – Yes / No.
  • Delete the output file – Yes / No.


Download – HTML2PDF-CL –  command line application >>>
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