AutoOCR / AutoOCR light Version 2.0.15

new features AutoOCR Version 2.0.15:

  • New functions / tabs for “Image processing”, “PDF info fields”, “PDF / A” and “PDF Compressor”

  • Image Processing: The image processing functions have been significantly expanded and are available outside of the OCR engines. This allows the scans to be optimized and improved before OCR recognition in order to increase recognition accuracy and improve image quality. Image processing is also part of AutoOCR light.


Image processing functions:

    • Several functions can be carried out one after the other in a predetermined order.
    • The selected functions, their parameters and processing sequence are managed via profiles.
    • Profile functions: New, Copy, Delete, Rename, Export to file, Import from file.
    • Option to process PDF scans / pages only with image information or all PDF pages.
    • Load a master page and test the image processing commands with a preview of the source and result file.

Individual functions of image processing:

    • Detect and remove blank pages.
    • Automatically rotate pages
    • Align sides
    • Invert images (black to white)
    • Remove black border
    • Trim the edge
    • Remove impurities
    • Remove perforations
    • Remove lines
    • Convert color / grayscale to black and white
  • PDFCompressor integrated: This enables the PDF files generated by the OCR process to be optimized and compressed to a minimum. The input for OCR processing should always be the best possible scan with a correspondingly high quality and resolution (300dpi for black / white and 200-300dpi color). This is good for OCR recognition, but it creates large result files. In order to create the smallest possible PDF files in the end result after OCR processing, PDFCompressor processing can be added to the OCR process in order to reduce the resolution of the images to e.g. 150dpi decrease. Good OCR recognition can be achieved with the smallest possible output files. 150dpi offers sufficient readability, but would be too low for OCR recognition. The PDFCompressor is available as an option for AutoOCR.

  • PDF information fields: The PDF information fields are now also available independently of the PDF/A function in a separate tab in all AutoOCR variants.

  • Archive folder configuration: New variables for date and time are available for the archive folder configuration.

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