PDFSign version 1.2.0 – Protect PDF via encryption, password and access restrictions

A signature is used to prove that a PDF has not been changed since the signature was applied. In addition, it is now possible to encrypt a PDF with PDFSign-CL, to provide it with a password and to restrict access. PDFSign-CL thus offers all functions to protect PDFs from manipulation and to enable proof of integrity.

Often you not only want to use certain PDF security settings and passwords that are always the same to protect PDF documents, but you should also use different default settings for each recipient. To do this as simply and easily as possible, the PDF security settings and passwords are now managed in their own separate profiles. A profile can be searched and selected very easily not only by name but also by a description (e.g. customer number, company, person, email, etc.) in both fields using the type-ahead substring search. Security profiles and passwords can be selected and queried interactively at runtime.

PDF protection and encryption is not allowed for PDF/A documents, therefore these functions are only active if the option “PDF/A conformity” is not checked.

Features of the PDF security profiles:

  • Manage the profiles by name and description
  • Profile search and selection via both fields – name and description – using type-ahead substring search
  • Profile – New, Copy, Edit, Delete, Import, Export, Export All
  • Checkbox selection – use preset profile or profile query at runtime
  • Checkbox selection – “Ask for password” – The preset password is displayed at runtime and can be changed.


Download – PDFSign CL – command line application to sign PDF >>>
Download – Readme – Help – documentation of available parameters >>>