Month: February 2020

FileConverterPro (FCpro) – Overview and various client applications – product video

The product video shows the FileConverterPro and the most important client applications that work with the FCpro PDF (/A) conversion service via the REST / SOAP web service interface:

The following FCpro client applications are shown:

  • DropConvert – Interactive drag and drop conversion.
  • FCpro Hotfolder – Folder Monitoring.
  • FCpro EE – Explorer Extension – FCpro integrated in the MS Windows Explorer
  • EMail Archiver – MS-Outlook Plugin to convert messages and attachments to PDF (/A).
  • PDFmerge – Converts complex document structures to PDF(/A)
  • C# / .NET – Example client & project – All FCpro functions for testing

Download – FileConverterPro (FCpro) ~600MB >>>
Download – OmniPage OCR Engine als Option für FCpro (ca. 235MB) >>>

eDocPrintPro SDK version 4.1.1 available

As of eDocPrintPro version 4.1.0, a new SDK is required. The documentation and the sample projects were updated.

Download – eDocPrintPro free 64bit version

Download – eDocPrintPro 64bit PDF/A & ZUGFeRD

Download GhostScript 9.50 64bit Setup

Download – eDocPrintPro 32bit version 4.0.2

Download – eDocPrintPro 4.0.2 32bit (ca. 66 MB) >>>
Download – eDocPrintPro PDF/A & ZUGFeRD 32bit (ca. 105 MB) >>>
Download – GhostScript 9.27 MSI Setup – 32bit (ca. 26MB) >>>

PDF2PDFA-FM – PDF to PDF/A converter via folder monitoring – product video

Download – PDF2PDFA-FM – PDF to PDF/A converter with folder monitoring >>>

HTML2PDF-CL (HTML to PDF) – Version 1.1.0 – Generate PDF via URL / web link

Innovations HTML2PDF-CL (HTML to PDF) Version 1.1.0:

  • Generate PDF from URL/web link: With the new version, PDF and PDF/A files can be generated directly via a URL or via web links without the HTML being available locally on the computer. The URL is transferred via a *.url file, web links via a TXT file. Multiple URL files can also be processed into a single or a total PDF file using a ZIP file.


  • Integrated PDF/A converter component: Using the integrated PDF/A converter component, PDF/A-1, PDF/A-2, PDF/A-3 and also ZUGFeRD PDF can now be generated from an HTML or a web page/link.

  • Integrated PDFCompressor component: With the help of the PDFCompressor component, the generated PDF can be optimized and compressed in order to create the smallest and most compact PDF possible.

The PDF/A converter and the PDFCompressor are functions that are activated separately. If there is no valid license, the PDF will be converted and/or compressed, but a demo stamp will be applied.

Download – HTML2PDF-CL –  command-line application >>>
Download – Readme / Help – HTML2PDF-CL >>>

FileConverterPro 1.0.93 – New version

Innovations in FCpro version 1.0.93:

  • Image processing integrated: Until now, individual image processing functions were part of the OCR engines. Now all image processing functions are generally available for all image to PDF conversions (with or without OCR) via independent ImageProcessing component, regardless of the OCR processing and the selected OCR engine. See overview of functions >>>.


  • Digital signature – PDFSign component integrated: By integrating the PDFSign component, the generated PDF and PDF/A files can also be signed, confirmed, encrypted, provided with a password and restrictions. A time stamp can also be applied. The PDF signature can be visible or invisible. All signature settings are managed via profiles. In order to be able to use the PDF signature quickly and easily, you can create your own certificates directly from the component. As the FileConverterPro runs as a service, it must be ensured that the certificates for the (user) account used are also available and accessible. Like PDF/A, PDFCompressor and OCR, the PDFSign functionality is an option that must also be licensed. If there is no valid license, the PDF will be signed, but a demo stamp will be added. See overview of functions >>>

  • Update of the basic components (PDF2PDFA, OCR, PDFCompressor) to the current status.
  • Images embedded in the body of email messages are not processed as attachments. No additional pages are attached to the PDF for this.
  • When rendering encrypted PDF files, AES 256 encrypted PDF files can now also be processed.
  • In addition to the resolution, the image compression of the generated images can now be configured for PDF/A rendering.

  • New REST/SOAP web service function to query jobs with multiple status values at once:
    • For REST GetAllJobs2?status=5,6,7…,
    • For SOAP GetAllJobs2?status is an int array (int[]) that is rendered in C#.

Download – OmniPage OCR Engine as option for FCpro (ca. 235MB) >>>
Download – FileConverterPro (FCpro) ~600MB >>>

DropCompress – Compress PDF files via DropZone and folder monitoring

DropCompress makes it possible to reduce and optimize several PDF documents at once directly via drag & drop or a monitored folder. DropCompress is an executable MS-Windows application that can be started automatically and is based on our PDFCompressor – C#/.NET component.

DropCompress features:

  • Executable MS-Windows application with autostart function.
  • Compresses and optimizes single or multiple PDF files.
  • Start processing via drag & drop by dragging the PDF onto a DropZone and/or
  • Compression by monitoring a folder / folder structure.
  • Compression profiles – new, copy, rename, delete, import, export – enable the settings to be changed quickly and easily.
  • Profile selection before the start of processing in order to be able to select or change settings.


Download – DropCompress – Compress PDF via drag&drop >>>