DropCompress – Compress PDF files via DropZone and folder monitoring

DropCompress makes it possible to reduce and optimize several PDF documents at once directly via drag & drop or a monitored folder. DropCompress is an executable MS-Windows application that can be started automatically and is based on our PDFCompressor – C#/.NET component.

DropCompress features:

  • Executable MS-Windows application with autostart function.
  • Compresses and optimizes single or multiple PDF files.
  • Start processing via drag & drop by dragging the PDF onto a DropZone and/or
  • Compression by monitoring a folder / folder structure.
  • Compression profiles – new, copy, rename, delete, import, export – enable the settings to be changed quickly and easily.
  • Profile selection before the start of processing in order to be able to select or change settings.


Download – DropCompress – Compress PDF via drag&drop >>>