EasyMerge PDFA converter version 2.0.0

New features EasyMerge PDFA 2.0:

  • Windows Explorer integration: PDF files can be selected directly from the Windows Explorer / folder view and inserted into the EasyMerge list via a function in the file context menu.
  • Edit bookmark (F2 / Click) – the next list entry is automatically selected for editing via the Enter / Return key.
  • Keyboard shortcuts have been implemented for context menu functions (Ins, Del, Ctrl + A).
  • New function to select all entries in the list (Ctrl + A).
  • System variables (e.g.% userprofile%) are supported when selecting and configuring the folders.
  • If files are imported into the monitored drop folder and the user interface is minimized and therefore not visible, you will be asked whether the UI should be displayed.
  • Via the context menu or by double-clicking, a file added to the list can be displayed via the linked application.
  • The list entries can be sorted via the columns in ascending / descending order, e.g. also via creation date / time.
  • A separate error folder in case there are problems merging the PDF files.
  • Files with the same name can also be added and processed.
  • To start post-processing, the command line application, which is configured under the selected eDocPrintPro printer driver, can be run together with the generated PDF.
  • An MS Outlook plugin will soon be available to add PDF attachments from emails directly from MS Outlook to the EasyMerge document list.
  • EasyMerge PDFA has now been implemented as a .NET / C # component, which means that the functions are also available in other applications.


Download – EasyMerge PDFA >>>