HTML2PDF-FM – Windows service with folder monitoring – converts HTML and web links to PDF and PDF/A

Features HTML2PDF-FM:

  • Several HTML and URL / TXT web link files can be converted to PDF and also combined into a PDF or PDF / A overall file.
  • Processes ZIP, CHTML, CHTM containers as well as web links directly via URL and TXT files.
  • A single TXT file can also contain multiple web links.
  • CHTML, CHTM – are ZIP files that combine all necessary files (HTML, external images, PDF) in a single container file. A ZIP can also contain URLs or TXT files with web links.
  • The sorting is based on the name of the input files (HTML. PDF, TXT, URL).
  • Insert PDF bookmarks based on the structure of the ZIP with HTML, URL, TXT files.
  • MS Windows service
  • Several jobs can be created to monitor several incoming folders.
  • Multithreading / parallel processing ensures high processing throughput
  • Configuration of the conversion parameters (page size, margins …) via profiles (new, copy, edit, delete, export, import)
  • Only the start folder or the entire subfolder structure can be processed.
  • Folder contents can be deleted after processing or the folder structure can be retained.
  • Folder structure from the incoming folder can also be transferred to the target folder.
  • File processing via filter – name, extension, created from / to, changed from / to.
  • Sorted processing by name / date and in ascending / descending order possible.
  • Creation of a new file name via variable (date, time, counter, origin name / extension)
  • Delete the original file (move), copy or create an archive copy
  • Folder monitoring and processing start via file system events – immediately, or with an adjustable delay (0-999sec.), or via time interval (in min.)
  • Start processing at a set date / time with optional daily / weekly repetition.
  • Adjustable number of retry attempts / time interval if a file is blocked.
  • Logging (all events, only the error events)


Options HTML2PDF-FM:

  • PDF2PDFA Konverter Component (PDF/A1b-3b) – Generates PDF / A compliant files.
  • PDFCompressor Components – to get the most compact and optimized PDF possible.


Download – HTML2PDF-FM – Windows Service with FolderMonitoring >>>