PDFmdx Version 3.11.1

Innovations PDFmdx Version 3.11.1:

  • PDF password protection via variables: More and more PDF documents are to be sent by email. However, these often contain information that should not and should not be sent unprotected by email. E.g. Documents from payroll accounting. A password agreed individually with the recipient must be used for such applications. With the new PDFmdx version, variables and thus values that are read from the document can now also be used for the encryption and protection of the PDF. Due to the also new function to use an external CSV files as replacement tables, password lists can also be kept externally, e.g. to use a customer number from the document as a key for password assignment.
  • AES 256 – Encryption: By updating the PDFSecureSign component, it is now possible to protect the PDF files even better with AES 265 encryption.

  • CSV Lookup file: In the field definition there is a function to replace read values. Previously, the values had to be recorded and managed using the PDFmdx editor. Now there is also the possibility to use an external CSV file as a replacement table. <Text>; <Replace with>. e.g. for email addresses or password lists, whereby, for example, the customer number is used as a key. The CSV lookup is added to the replacement table configured via the editor and therefore has a lower priority.

  • ZUGFeRD XML Extraction: If a PDF file to be processed already contains ZUGFeRD XML, there is now a function to recognize this XML and export it to a configurable folder. The name of the XML is generated based on the PDF file created via PDFmdx.

  • EMail Sender via variables: In the email configuration, an individual sender address could previously only be specified for each template. Now it is also possible to assign the sender address for each document / email individually using variables.

  • Conditions for email and printing: So far, the sending of e-mails and the printing of a template could only be activated or deactivated. Now it is also possible to control the sending of e-mails and printouts individually per document via conditions. A condition editor is available for this, such as for recognizing / sharing the documents.

  • Troubleshooting: Configuration changes in the PDFmdx editor were not saved.

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