Month: August 2020

iPaper Client – Version 3.0.66 – Alternative A3 letterhead with automatic selection

Alternatives A3 Briefpapier:

So far you could e.g. an A4 portrait format letterhead only define an alternative A4 landscape format letterhead, which was automatically selected and used during processing.

Especially when company balance sheets are drawn up by public accountants and tax advisors, balance sheets and profit and loss accounts are often output in tabular form on A3 landscape format. With the current iPaper Client Version 3.0.66 it is now also possible to use a second alternative, e.g. Configure A3 letterhead, which is then automatically used for landscape formats larger than A4. This means that overall balance sheet documents including the general terms and conditions appendix and cover sheet can be created in one step, with A4 / A3 portrait and landscape format stationery.


iPaper 3.x Client Version

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