AutoOCR-CL – Version 1.1.8 – OCR command line application

Innovations AutoOCR-CL Version 1.1.8:

With version 1.1.8 the functions of the command line version have been brought to the same range of functions as those of the AutoOCR server. AutoOCR-CL has been expanded to include image processing, PDF compression and the generation of PDF/A-compliant output files.

  • ImageProcessing: DThis function is included in the standard scope and is used to preprocess scanned documents, especially for the iOCR engine. The image processing already included should preferably be used for the Omnipage Engine. Under no circumstances should both image processing systems be activated as this will reduce the OCR recognition rate.

  • PDFCompressorOptional to license. Is used to generate output files that are as compact and small as possible. In order to achieve good OCR quality, a scan resolution of 200 / 300dpi for color or 300dpi for black and white is required. For the display or the printout, however, e.g. 150dpi. The PDFCompressor enables the compression, the quality settings and the resolution of the images to be adjusted and reduced. A reduction by the PDFCompressor has no influence on the OCR recognition quality.

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