AutoOCR & AutoOCR light Version 2.0.36

Innovations AutoOCR & AutoOCR light 2.0.36:

  • iOCR – obtain images unchanged:If this new standard option is active, the PDF is only rendered internally for the OCR process. The original PDF and the images it contains are transferred 1: 1 to the PDF to be generated. The OCR process only inserts the recognized text. The images remain unchanged in terms of their resolution, color depth and compression.

    This is important because many MFP scanners are already able to generate highly optimized and very compact PDF color scans via MRC (Mixed Raster Content). Color documents are already divided into different levels by the scanner. Each image layer is created with a different resolution and the best possible compression depending on the color depth. If such MRC PDF files are rendered again, the MRC data structure is lost. The result file would be larger and lose quality.

  • Installs and uses the iOCR / vsOCR – Version 1.1.6 with the basic set of the most common languages in Europe.

  • All languages supported by iOCR can be installed via an additional iOCR / vsOCR setup (1.2GB in size).



  • Update of the AutoOCR basic component – iOCR, ImageProcessing, PDFCompressor, PDF2PDFA to the current status.
  • New presettings for JPEG2000 compression – for PDF rendering / ImageProcessing / PDFCompressor – in order to generate the smallest possible PDF files without great loss of display quality.
    • High / Medium / Low – Compression
    • Color – 1:60 / 1:30 / 1:15
    • Greyscales – 1:30 / 1:15 / 1:13

The higher the value – the higher the compression, which means that the smaller files are created, but with a decreasing image quality. “Medium” compression is preset as the standard value.

Download – AutoOCR – OCR Server incl. OmniPage OCR (ca. 640MB) >>>
Download – AutoOCR light – Low Cost OCR Server (ca. 410MB) >>>
Download – iOCR (vsOCR) Setup – additional languages (ca. 1200MB) >>>