PDFCompressor – summarize subgroups of fonts, compression levels can be selected

Innovations PDFCompressor:

  • Three compression levels preset: For color / grayscale images with JPEG2000 there are now 3 preset compression levels (high / medium / low) to choose from. The compression behind each level can also be configured – 1:60 / 1:30 / 1:15 for color and 1; 30 / 1:15 / 1:13 are preset for gray levels. The higher the compression, the smaller the files and the lower the image quality.

  • Summarize subgroups of fonts: If a large number (e.g. a few thousand) of individual documents are combined to form an overall PDF document and each of the individual documents contains the same font as a subgroup, then all of these fonts are present in the overall document. Since it is always the same font that is embedded several thousand times over, the entire document is unnecessarily bloated. The PDFCompressor now has a function to recognize multiple existing subgroup fonts, to summarize them and simply to embed them in the output PDF. This can e.g. a 5000 page PDF that was previously 117MB in size will be compressed down to 13MB.

  • The user interface of the PDFCompressor component has been revised. The settings and configuration options are now presented much clearer.

  • The standard profile “SmallestPDF JPEG2000 & JBIG” has been optimized and adapted to generate the highest possible compression and the smallest possible PDF files.

PDFCompressor Component Test & Sample >>>