FileConverterPro (FCpro) 1.0.108 – attach files

Innovations FCpro Version 1.0.108:

  • Attach files: This makes it possible to attach one or more PDF files to the file generated by FCpro at the end and to return them as a complete PDF file. The conversion profile controls whether and which files are attached. An option controls whether the PDF export settings are only to be applied to the file converted by FCpro or to the entire file. Area of application e.g. be: to convert an MS-Word file to PDF. to store the stationery via the PDF export settings and to attach “General Terms and Conditions” via this function and to deliver it back as a complete file.

  • Direct Export of the conversion results in a configurable folder: This function enables e.g. the asynchronous post-processing of the PDFs, e.g. via a downstream AutoOCR processing. For the initial processing, a PDF version without OCR and thus with a short processing time is returned via web service. The time-consuming, additional OCR processing that is required can then take place asynchronously in the background. The connection between the PDF files is retained via the unique JobID or GUID. The quickly generated preview can then be replaced by the OCRte PDF and exchanged. Variables for “JobID”, “GUID” and “Label Name” are available for naming the files. In addition to the PDF result, additional files with the text content, an image preview and an image miniature can also be output.

  • Signed EML / MSG: The “smime.p7m” attachment in emails (MSG, EML) is ignored and no attempt is made to convert or no placeholder page is inserted for it.

Download – FileConverterPro (FCpro) ~600MB >>>
Download – OmniPage OCR Engine as option for FCpro (ca. 235MB) >>>